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Calling all Melbourne flower lovers! If you spend your days obsessing over the blooms on your Insta feed like we do, you’ll love winter roses as much as we do. We thought you might want to know what we’re obsessingREAD MORE


Good news babes! We now offer Saturday flower delivery #yas! That’s right- every week we will now be spreading the lurve and delivering little bunches of happiness right around Melbourne from Monday to Saturday. So often we get messages comingREAD MORE


In March, we had the absolute pleasure of setting up shop at Hot Dub Wine Machine, out at Rochford Winery to create flower crowns for all the festival babes. Hell yes! When we were approached to attend this awesome festivalREAD MORE


One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of super hero awesome mummas out there. We loved seeing all the mum lurrrve, they brightened up our day and made choosing a winner super tough.Check out all of the fab entries and

My Mum Chrystal is amazing because she’s given us the world. 

Managing to carry a whole family from South Africa to Australia and make a new life for us. Whilst struggling with mental illness still beat the odds and raised her four children. Moved from job to job. And still gave her children whatever and everything she had. Now she’s starting her own foundation to help even more people. If I didn’t  what the epitome of strong is, now I know. And that’s only part of her story. THANK YOU CHRYSTAL


My Mum is amazing. She is strong. She is the backbone of the family.   She is fearless despite all odds. She is supportive even though she may not always agree with everything we do or how we do it, she loves us unconditionally always putting my sisters and i first..no words is strong enough to describe such maternal love.  She is an absolute champion of a human being and a beautiful person inside and out❤ i feel so grateful for her even more so now that i have my own kid… nuns are how amazing mums are ❤?


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my mum is the best because she listens without judgment. she encourages me to keep working at it, to keep showing up even when i want to hide away from the world. she reminds me that this too (whatever this too may be) will pass and that i am whole and enough and brilliant. she helps me remember that i come from a family of strong women, not wallflowers, and sometimes being a strong woman takes more courage than you might have bargained for. my mum loves me. that’s it.


My mum is beyond amazing for so many reasons she has the strength that no one should ever have to show but does so with such ease and grace. She looked after my father who suffered from Parkinson’s for 18years and 2 years after he passed away from a stroke as well as his disease she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer which she is still fighting (currently in remission). She never complains or whinges about what life has dealt her and is always there for her friends and family particularly my self and my sister and her 6 grandchildren. This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why she is amazing.  

(Below is a photo of my sister and Mum. My sister shaved her hair to support Mum when she was loosing hers) 


My mum is special beyond words! She encompasses everything good and has the biggest heart. Her hugs fix everything and there’s nothing better than enjoying a coffee with her or a glass of champagne! I always turn to her for advice, and she has always been one of my biggest supporters. For all these reasons and a million more, is why my mum is amazing! ?


My mum is the best because she gives without expectations,loves without  condition, is there through thick and thin & she is my best friend Five year ago when I suffered from a horrible condition that my skin burnt from the inside out and my hair had to be shaved off, she chopped off her hair too, so she could feel my pain. She always says she wish she could have carried the pain, for me. She’s selfless and giving. She visited from overseas & stayed with me for 2 months


Mum is the rock in our family. My mother Ana is from El Salvador and lives the culture. She cooks for the family as many times a week as she can. Not only is the food the best Salvadorian food you will ever have but it keeps our small family together. We are a small family that left El Salvador during hard times so it’s so important to stay close to ours. She is a volunteer at church, she is day care centre for the grand children and she is always willing to help people. She deserves all the Love we can give and flowers will make her house feel the Love. ❤???


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My mum is amazing – not only did she survive the stillbirth of her beloved first born daughter, but she also supported me through the stillbirth of my own first born daughter, and subsequent births of two healthy daughters. She is the epitome of strength, and in turn, has made me strong too.


My mother is honestly the best person to have by your side. 

She is a full time carer for her parents and has given up her job to be there for them. 

She is the best support a girl could ask for and always looks out for everyone else before herself. 


My mama is a woman who has always been supportive, loving and encouraging in all that I (& my siblings) do.  She was only 17 when she had me and it has been great having such a young mum (she loves when we get asked if we are sisters, me not so much haha).  She always put her children first and still to this day, I know she worries and prays for us, on the other side of the world.  My mama now lives overseas, so if I win, I’d like the flowers to be delivered to my sister, another great mum (she had a great role model!) who has given me two amazing nephews.  I know my mama would rather the flowers go to my sister, as the love and appreciation will be enough for her.


My mumma is amazing.

She wipes my nose because i haven’t learnt how to blow out yet.

She changes my nappies because i haven’t learnt how to use the toilet yet.

She cleans after me all the time because i haven’t learnt how to use a vacuum yet.

She gives me cuddles at 3am when i cry because i haven’t learnt how to self settle yet.

She cooks me the best meals ever because i haven’t learnt how to read a cook book yet.

She loves me to the moon and back, i haven’t learnt how to speak yet, but when I do I’ll tell her I love her that much too.

Maya (18months old)

My parent divorced in primary school, leaving us to move in with my grandparents till we could get back on our own feet.

Since then my mum has tried to give me and my sister everything she could being a single mum! Already amazing.

What makes my mum truly amazing was her dedication to look after my grandparents in their final years. They lived over an hour drive from us in the country and mum would regularly drive to see them, organise working B’s on their large garden. Help with house repairs. And ultimately always be there when they were taken to hospital. After my nanna passed away, and a few years of my grandpa and their dog living alone. Mum invited him to live with us. Now supporting all 3, less my sister, who at this stage was working full time.

Again, after the time went on, my grandpa was moved into a care facility, but only just down the road.

Every night after work, mum would visit him before coming home. And in the end, she was there at his bedside for his final days.

Mum never saw anything she did for her parents as a burden.

And that’s why I think she is amazing. Even to this day, I broke up with my partner and had to move and she offered me to come home until I could afford to move again. Not even paying rent. Some days, when work has been hard she still, even though I’m 27, will go and buy me chocolates.


My mum is one in a million, she had been through thick and thin with me having babies getting married and I have been there for her during her divorce and now she is going through the toughest thing in her life breast cancer, she is strong and determined to fight this horrible disease, is always happy and willing to babysit her grandchildren, even through her tough chemo treatments she remains positive! I love my mum so much she is the best and deserves the world


I been a long time follower and love your work. I wanted to enter the Mother’s Day competition but every time I’ve gone to write exactly why my Mum deserves this I burst into tears. Over the last year my Mum has been nothing short of amazing. My father has been battling a terminal disease and everyday my Mum has shown such strength. Everyday my Mum wakes up and fights for him she doesn’t realise her strength and kindness is what he’s holding onto.

I tell her all the time how proud she makes and on the tough days it’s ok to not be ok. I would honestly love to win this for my Mum even small things like a punch of flower on a tough day can make anyone smile and she deserves it.

Where do I start hello blooms… my Mum is the most generous, selfless, gorgeous human. She spent her career, as a nurse, caring for people of all ages, stages and with various disabilities. Always doing so with complete devotion and whole heatedly. As a mother of 4 she still always made us too feel like the centre of her world. Currently she has been the career to my Grandmother (I cannot begin to understand how hard it is to be there 24/7 when the one you love the most has onset dementia).


My mum is amazing.  

After raising two kind kids of her own she is currently hands-on grandparenting with my 3 yr old niece (who lost her mum 2 years ago).  She still manages to be an excellent Gaga to my son and somehow manages to find the time to be a “mum” to my brother and I and wife to my dad.  Talk about a super woman! 


My mum is amazing because – in November last year, my dad was suddenly struck down with Necrotising Fasciitis, also known as the Flesh Eating Disease. He was put into a coma for 3 weeks and we were told that we would likely lose him. The whole time, Mum kept our family together, she was strong and kept us all positive, despite being unsure of if her husband of 27 years would survive. 

Amazingly, Dad survived.. however he has not been able to return to work and my parents have been living off one income for 7 months while supporting 2 kids at the same time. My mum never ever treats herself and I think it would be so lovely if she could win this. It would bring the smile to her face that she truly deserves.


My mum is awesome because she always puts her family first – she’s the glue that holds our family together. I was unwell in hospital recently and before I came home she cleaned my entire home and stocked the fridge with meals – this is a woman with four kids, a husband and a job; I don’t know where she finds the time. I’d love her to win the flower subscription as a small token of how much we all appreciate her.



This is me and my best friend, mum and sometimes  enemy ?  she is the strongest woman i know. She is sooo caring and just want to make peoeple happy with FOOD!! much more than food but mainly food. She still cooks like she is feeding the whole neighborhood.  She deserves the world and i hope one day i can give her that. I find myself thinking as we all get older how i can live without her.. and then i shake that off and just love in the moment. But to be honest.. my world will come crashing down If she wasn’t around. Shes grandma to 3 awesome kiddies and mum to 4 kids including me.. i wasn’t a nice walk in a park kinda kid.. but i have grown to appreciate all she is and hope one day i can make her proud.

My mum is a true fashionista who taught me to appreciate a

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