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BG Flowers for your Special Day

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More than just flowers… with BG Flowers!

Striking colours so pleasing to our eyes, the unforgettable fragrance that flows through our bodies, the textures so delicate to touch… There is so much more to flower arrangements than first meets the eye.


Flowers are an expression of beauty, adding abundance and life to the special moments in our lives. BG flowers offers years of expertise and a passion for creating floral arrangements to suit all occasions. We’re the first step to holding Mother Nature’s beautiful blooms in your hands…

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The art to creating unique and elegant bouquets resonates deep within our talented experts. Our broad knowledge allows us to draw inspiration from around the world to bring perfect, heartfelt creations to Melbourne. Leave your ideas with us, as we use hand selected, seasonal blooms to create a beautifully customised arrangement. A simple and affordable option for those needing guidance in designing the perfect flower bouquet. Let our expertise bring your ideas to life.

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Plant life doesn’t have to end inside four walls…. Next time you open the doors to your home or office, open up to a personalised indoor space filled with majestic terrariums, fragrant herbs or a delicate orchid. Brighten a sophisticated space, or add an earthy touch to a modern room with a hanging terrarium, glass terrarium or succulent terrarium. Our options are tailored to suit any space and are sure to bring a fresh perspective of life to your indoor space.

Flowers for your

Special Day

The love in his eyes, the look on your loved one’s faces and the happiness that fills the air, are what makes wedding days so memorable. Celebrate your love in an abundance of beauty, with tasteful floral arrangements. Every bride and groom have a vision for celebrating their union and BG Flowers takes pride in creating sentimental and elegant wedding bouquets, unique to every couple’s special day.

Our Story

A little about BG Flowers

BG Flowers is a stylish floral design studio situated in the heart of South Yarra and Melbourne CBD. Established in South Yarra in 2003 BG Flowers has become synonymous with elegant and chic flowers. Our team comprises of florists whom have been in the industry for 10 years, with experience from all over the world from Japan to Korea to New Zealand and right across Australia giving you an array of floral skills and experience like no other.

We draw inspiration from our love of beautiful blooms and the flowers we create to bring a smile to each and every person’s face.

Whether you desire a few simple blooms or a grand and lavish statement allow the team at BG Flowers with their experience from all corners of the globe to assist you. All your flowers will be hand-picked from our daily selection of the freshest seasonal blooms and custom designed to suit your every floral expression.

Finding the Perfect Flowers for Your Perfect Day

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Choosing the right floral arrangement for your big day can be a daunting task. With hundreds upon hundreds of options out there, how do you pick the perfect wedding bouquet? Based on fragrance? Colour? Rarity? There are no right or wrong choices as ultimately, your choice of flowers should reflect your personal taste and style.

Certain characteristics are bound to appeal to you more than others, but whatever your preference, here are four timeless flowers ideal for all kinds of wedding bouquets.



For centuries, the rose has featured in myths and fairytales as a symbol of beauty and love. So, it’s only natural it has become one of the most popular choices for wedding arrangements worldwide. And with good reason! Available in a rainbow of colours, the rose is special not only because of its symbolism, but its ability to pair beautifully with all kinds of different flowers. A sturdier bloom than some, the rose can help create luscious centrepieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and other wedding arrangements.

Browse BG Flowers rose arrangements online, ranging from classic styles such as ‘Sweetheart’ to bright bouquets like ‘Scented Garden’.

roses red pink BG flowers


In the Victorian era, the hydrangea stood for “vanity” – and with its big bushy head available in intense shades of blue, purple, pink, and burgundy, it’s no wonder. With just a stem or two of this scentless shrub flower, you can fill out beautiful wedding arrangements and bouquets at minimal cost. Alternatively, if you’re after a more classic, understated look, you can also find the hydrangea in shades of white and green.

Shop BG Flowers hydrangeas online, including the traditional ‘White Beauty’ bouquet and the romantic ‘Gentle Breeze’ arrangement.


Coming in a variety of colours and sizes, the lily is a stunning choice of flower for wedding bouquets. Regardless of type, these blooms are a striking addition to all kinds of floral arrangements and can be found at affordable prices. The tiger lily is perhaps the most common and well-known of lilies, with a large exotic shape and strong sweet fragrance. Although pure white calla lilies are a popular choice for weddings worldwide. Depending on the species, lilies can be found in pink, orange, purple, and blue hues.

Discover BG Flowers lilies online, ranging from the ‘Simply White’ bouquet to the colourful ‘Delightful‘ arrangement.

Shop BG Flowers hydrangeas online, including the traditional ‘White Beauty’ bouquet and the romantic ‘Gentle Breeze’ arrangement.


A symbol of happiness, there is perhaps no better flower than a peony for a wedding day. With large heads of fluffy, fragrant petals, peonies are a modern-day staple of wedding bouquet flowers. Despite being an expensive choice, their size tends to require fewer stems to fill out bouquets and other arrangements. For weddings with pastel themes, peonies are also a perfect option because of the texture they provide. If you’re interested in having peonies for your wedding, they bloom seasonally between spring and summer, but can be imported for a higher cost during autumn.

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Due to the seasonal nature of these blooms, BG Flowers offers peony bouquets based on demand and availability. Check in store or contact us online for beautiful, tailored peony arrangements.

Have something different in mind for your special day? Contact BG Flowers for more information on our range of services, and let us help you find the right flowers for your wedding day!